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About CWGamesTV

First off, thank you to anyone who took the time to see this Patreon Page!

Who I Am

Well to be simple, I'm a gamer; I live alone and currently go to college, I've made Youtube videos for the past 5 years purely because I enjoy it and I'd love to make a living off of it. Gaming is my passion it's one of the things I'm best at, next to editing and playing kazoo,so I will go down that road of taking it seriously if the time comes when I can make a living off of it. I want people to be entertained by my content!

What I Would Like To Do.

Patreon will help me acquires some equipment necessary to record commentary, and a better computer for recording/running the games. It will also allow to me to live, thats pretty important, being on a 9$ p/h wage isnt helpful in today's standards and this will help me tremendously with not only the technology I need, but housing, food, necessities, and so on! So this money isn't going to a waste hole that will buy me a bunch of random crap you dont want to hear about, it will literally help me more than you would think

Where You Come In and What YOU Get!

If you donate 1$, you will be contributing per month, BUT you can contribute more than just 1$ a month, and you will receive 'bonus' type things. In a gist, you'll get to see videos before they come out publicly, give insight on things I should do, have a direct affect on how my videos can/will be constructed, and if collectively you all donate enough, I will remove; pre/post-roll ads [before and after videos, mid-roll ads, or remove all ads completely because if you all guys and gals contribute enough, I won't need Youtube's advertising rules breathe down my back!

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I'll make an appreciation video, I know it sounds pathetic, but I'm a small channel and being able to start sustaining earns a lot of appreciation!
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