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About Kevin Costain


If you help me document the intersections of technology, travel, the arts, and society - it's going to be good, trust me. I'm just getting started.

Why though? Why would I care? This crazy interest has taken me in lots of wild directions such as bloggingphotographytravel, and software creation. It's als taken me to many corners of the world like Dubai, Lebanon, and Brazil to name a few. Through all of this, I dig into each subject with the fervor and enthusiasm as if it's the most important thing in my world. The majority of these stories are told without financial support or backing.

Every day, I hone my skills and knowledge by way of technology support doing everything from maintenance, cabling, programming, and hardware sales. A great deal of my unique perspective has been formed in what I consider the most difficult I.T. support space: Small and Medium sized businesses. I've managed to thrive in this world, where there is almost no room for error. While building a small business of my own, I've been blogging in some form for more than two decades - some of this stuff has even become popular

But, even though I have made progress, I want to do more. Here are some of the projects I'm actively working on and would be greatly improved with your support:

  1. A book  - This book is a historical memoir about the golden age of piracy before the Internet took hold. I'm 80% finished the first draft and intend to publish. Backers can get early access to chapters and other perks.
  2. A travel show - Looking deeper at how the societies have faced challenges of rapid technological change through the prism of my experiences in those countries.
  3. More blogging - more and deeper dives into topics that aren't regularly covered b y tech media such as my look into SMS scams or a pyramid scheme.
  4. A podcast - I started one years ago but lack of resources made that challenging. I'd like to revive it.

There's more, of course. Your support allows me to try new ideas to find things that work. This also means more free utilities, more interviews, more photography, and more guest blogs. Most of all, your support allows me to do more of what I love: telling stories.

What will you get? For all those that support me, they'll get a mention on as I look for other ways to recognize you. Also, with your help I can remove advertising as a source of revenue on the blog.

This is why I ask you, yes you. Please support me with as little as $1 a month and help create great content and ideas. Spread the word using the hashtag #SupportCWL and let's do this!
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