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Sad Larry's Support Group

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reward item
per month
  • Eternal forgiveness for all ad-block related sins
  • Special role in our Discord chat
  • Sad Larry will think about you when he’s feeling depressed. Not to get happy. To feel MORE depressed.
Includes Discord benefits

Chip Chapley's Chipper Chaps

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reward item
per month
  • All previous rewards 
  • Behind the scenes photos, art, etc. (convention sketches, background art, character designs, etc)
  • Chip will tape a picture of you over the cameraman’s face, and stare longingly into your cold, dead eyes.
Includes Discord benefits

Ted Bear Survival Scouts

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reward item
per month
  • All previous rewards
  • Extra video content, including side by side animatics, behind the scenes videos, voice acting, script read throughs, and more!
  • Ted will name one fish after you. Then, depending on how much he likes you, Ted will either eat the fish or set it free.
Includes Discord benefits



About Cyanide & Happiness

Here's the deal

Cyanide & Happiness has released an animated short every Thursday for the last 8 years. A lot of you might think all of our animations are made by 3 guys in their underwear, but we actually have an entire studio of writers, animators and other artists, only some of whom wear underwear.
Long ago, the founders of C&H made the questionable decision to pay these artists in money, rather than exposure. It was a mistake, but what’s done is done, and there’s no turning back now.

To keep consistently producing high quality animations about high quality butts and boners, we have always relied on YouTube ad revenue. Unfortunately, many of our shorts have been demonetized for their content. Then, the pandemic decided to kick us in the dick while we were down, causing the ad revenue to take even more of a dump.

So, we’re asking our rad fans to help us out by becoming patrons on Patreon. Every contribution goes directly to the shorts, and helps us get a little bit less dependent on Daddy YouTube™.

What do I get out of it for supporting you!?

Depending on your monthly level of support ($2, $5, $10, $25, $50 or $100) you get access to behind the scenes content, your name in the credits of the shorts, and even your very own C&H avatar made by one of those artists we pay*!

Check out the list to the right and see what treasures await you.

*We cannot guarantee the artist will be wearing underwear when creating your avatar.

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