Cyan Los is creating Digital Art and Animation

Henchmen Club membership!

$1 /creation
As a fellow Henchman, you get access to everything that goes on in the inside. 

  • Join the Henchmen family!
  • You get the inside scoop (Patron-only content feed)

Ambitious Henchman

$5 /creation
So you have fire in you, huh? Well, now also get early access to everything — maybe a day or even a week before the public gets to gawk. That way you get to tell the boss what stin...

Generous John

$10 /creation
You deserve every value for the penny you put into this business. How about a high-res downloads and exclusive offers for all the fine merchandise? 


Super Generous John

$25 /creation
Every good deed needs to be credited. You get credited for every work you contribute to, and along with everything else in previous tiers, you also get a either a personalized sket...

Uber Generous John

$50 /creation
The one thing better than good art is good Illustration source-files. Get all the KRA / XFC / SVG files for the illustrations I make, including comic-layouts!


Monopoly Guy

$75 /creation
Demonstrate your dominance! Get ALL the source files, including animation BLEND and SIFZ files. If I do compositing work, I'll throw Natron in there too. 


Monarch's Gift

$100 /creation
A great persona needn't hesitate in taking what he deserves. Go ahead and name the art you desire (digital painting or vector), and it shall be yours. 

  • Plus all previous loot
  • Commission an Art