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About Maderas

#CyberpunkisNow is a project that produces Hacking, Technology, Information Security/Cyber Security, Science & Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)content meant to educate, maintain a public dialogue & create awareness regarding the ways technology continues to permeate civilization.

At first comprising only a Twitter account, this project now includes a resource board & a podcast launching this month.

Begun in October 2018, this content reaches millions of unique screens each month (averaging between 1 million & 3 million Twitter impressions each/every month since December 2018) & has had its content featured in multiple major news outlets.

Some examples of these include:

Yahoo News (

The Washington Post

Fast Company

Wired UK



Detroit News Watch

CBS Detroit

Design Taxi

Sputnik News

And dozens more.

A large part of this project involves my creation of completely original Hacking, Information Security and Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) content that I provide to help other Information Security professionals get a view from the attacker's ("The Bad Guys") side of things.

This content covers real world examples generated from my years of professional experience in Penetration Test/Red Team positions at Fortune 500/Global 500 companies like Schneider Electric, National Grid, Stanley Black & Decker & Boston Scientific.

 Examples of this content are linked here:

The @hackermaderas Twitter account is the project's main platform for releasing content I produce; this account has become more of a community then a single voice.

These posts generate comments (sometimes hundreds or thousands of comments) which convey a dialogue between people around the planet, sometimes for days, weeks or months about important topics that need discussing.

I am at a point where this project is a second full time job. Ideally, I want to make it my only job or at the very least make enough money to grow this project & make ends meet.