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Hello. I recently opened YouTube channel on which I upload cool music with nice artwork. I do 1 hour mixes every 20 song uploads. So why patreon you can ask? The work on my channel takes some time. I can say it's a lot of time, but i love what i do. I always wanted to do my own music, but never really have the equipment for this. I opened patreon to build the stable YouTube channel and make it grow even more. The second reason is to make my own music so I need equipment as I mentioned earlier. 

I do not monetize the YouTube channel because I don't have enough subscriptions and I don't want to because it can block my channel. So that's another reason why i opened patreon here. I give all credits to artists which created the songs. I just give them more hearing to people.

I always loved music. Listened to all genres but I wanted to do something fresh like why not go with Cyberpunk. I like electronic music a lot and i want give it a shot. Of course I add some music from all genres that fits Cyberpunk like Final Fantasy 7 game music etc.
Like I said before I would love to make my own music I think that I could do it with a good music equip.

In the intro I'm giving you my first full Cyberpunk Mix.
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