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About CyborgPrime Games

Greetings Patreon Friends and Lovers of Gaming!

I’m CyborgPrime, CREATOR of worlds!  Thanks for your interest in my page.

Santa Fe based entrepreneur, Frank Succardi (aka CyborgPrime), is a digital artist, multimedia producer, game designer, tech consultant, and author of over 20 RPG-related publications, including Realm Crafter User’s Guide, as well as the What’s Wrong with the Ship series, and the Humanoid Resources Dept series.

With over three decades of producing compelling original content for a variety of popular sci-fi RPG systems, Frank creates imaginative expansions for the enjoyment of players and Game Masters alike.

Frank holds a degree in Digital Media, hosts RPG games at sci-fi conventions, produces content for virtual tabletop systems, and runs a YouTube channel and a Facebook group dedicated to sci-fi gaming enthusiasts.

Frank works from home at the base of the Rocky Mountains in New Mexico, occupying his spare time in volunteer service to various non-profits and enjoying his time with his wife and dogs.

What's next?
My plans for the immediate future is to develop content mainly for the Traveller RPG system with some cross-over to other projects and systems.

Whew!  That's a lot to digest!

Whether you decide to support me and my endeavors, or just want to wish me well, I thank you for taking the time to read more about me.

Thanks again everybody, for your support!  GAME ON!

Kindest Regards,

88% complete
What would I do with en extra $100 a month? 

Well, I spend a lot on office supplies (I love graph paper, nice book bags, and mechanical pencils), and I'd like to be able to host guests to help me brainstorm and bounce ideas off of. 

If I could make $100 a month, I could take out a few of my closest gaming buddies for a nice meal once a month while we brainstorm more creative ideas for development.

$100 would also go along way to offsetting the costs of snacks and incidentals for our gaming sessions.
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