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Because coffee helps me burn the midnight hours for new features on You'll get a monthly supporters' newsletter, extra features including satellite maps, plus a little coffee icon by your username on

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Like any cyclist, I ride faster (and feel better) after cake. You'll get a monthly supporters' newsletter, previews of new features before anyone else sees them, extra features including satellite maps, a cake icon by your username on, and you'll be listed on our Cake supporters page.

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Apparently it was de rigeur for early Tour de France riders to stop en route at a bar-tabac for "refreshments", i.e. beer and wine. If you really, really love then - thanks! This is for super-generous people who've maybe planned a great holiday on You get all the Cake benefits plus your name in lights at the top of the supporters' page.



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An awesome bike ride puts a smile on your face for days - over the hills, across town, down railway paths, along tiny country lanes. I'm building to help people have more great rides. The idea? The world’s best bike route-planner, plus route guides and ideas.

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