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Tier 0: Heartfelt Thanks!

per month

Pay me a coffee here and there, it's a key element of my development time!

Show appreciation of my work and participate in the costs of keeping Giselle up.

Includes Discord benefits

Tier 1: Basic Addons

per month
By becoming a Tier 1 (or higher) patron, you’ll get access to:
  • (Alarms & Reminders) unlimited repeating messages (removing the default cap of 5 repeating messages per server)
  • (Server Administration) Users, Server and Voice loggers, and access to the !logignore command
  • (Command Scheduler) Command Scheduling interval raised from 1 hour to 12 hours
  • (Currency System, Social/EXP Ranking) Experience and Currency gained on each message and by using the !timely command will be boosted by 5% for all users in your server!
  • (Utility) up to 5 simultaneous clock channels (removing the default cap of 1 clock channel per server)
You will also gain access to any or all of the “alpha” unreleased modules. Access to alpha modules, when available, must be specifically requested.
Includes Discord benefits

Tier 2: Premium Support, Music&Giveaway

per month
By becoming a Tier 2 (or higher) patron, you’ll gain access to a dedicated “priority support” channel within the official support server, where you’ll get a priority answer from the developer upon encountering any issue.
You’ll also get to pick a custom color for your name in the official support server.
Tier 2 patrons unlock some improvements on the trivia module and get the whole potential of the music module, plus some more perks:
  • (Trivia) up to 30 questions per trivia game
  • (Trivia) maximum trivia games duration raised to up to 7 days
  • (Command Scheduler) Command Scheduling interval raised to 1 week
  • (Currency System, Social/EXP Ranking) Experience and Currency gained on each message and by using the !timely command will be boosted by 7% for all users in your server!
  • (Verification) Ability to set an additional short message to be sent to users that attempt a verification
Includes Discord benefits




per month

About cycloptux

Welcome to my Patreon page!

I'm Alessandro, usually known as Cyc. I'm a full time IT Engineer, working mainly in cyber security, and a Discord bots developer. I'm the creator and maintainer of GiselleBot, the current maintainer of Hail Bot Reeze and quite a few custom Discord bots used in Discord gaming servers.

If you are here, you probably like my creations! And you probably heard about "that other feature" which seems to be unavailable... Well, here's the deal.

For performance purposes, a few of the modules GiselleBot, my public bot, has are only fully unlocked to my patrons. By subscribing to my services, you are helping me with her hosting and  maintenance costs and keeping her fast and responsive for you and everyone else!

Part of these funds will also be used to cover the costs of engaging other developers and helpers to help me maintain a proper documentation, or build a dashboard for the bots, etc.

Do note that this is currently a solo development project! While the support you get within my server comes from people that know the bots very well, the development itself is done 100% by myself.

Quite a few new modules will be available for patrons soon:
- As said above, a dashboard will be coming soon!
- There are going to be some tools to help server owners manage their work, including a way to backup your server structure and restore that server strucure into a new server (including channels, categories, roles, etc.).
- While an integration with Twitter is already freely available for everyone, an integration with Facebook may be coming in the future and may only be restricted to patrons!
- More ways to spend your currencies!
- More info on the upcoming modules will be posted here and in my official Discord support server...

Here's an invite to my official Discord support server:

Please note that I am not affiliated with any company which may be quoted in my page.
$95.66 of $250 per month
Hey, I covered the hosting costs for this month! Nice!
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