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Feel free to donate as much as you want. This tier is designated for those who just want to contribute. 

An argument can be made that the addition of monetary benefit for specific projects can impair the quality of work, especially when the costs are high. Personally, I feel like higher tiers will cause me to be passive and in fear of "not meeting the tiers expectations." 

Such a free and open tier will reduce the associated stress I have towards higher tiers while increasing the means in which I am supported through my patrons. Perks include:

  • Behind the Scenes
  • Writing on my work and the concepts behind them
  • Access to work in progress updates for major projects
  • Early release of final projects




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To be quite honest, I'm at a loss when it comes to telling you my story, that is, if i have a story. While I know that my life encompasses a combination of strange and rather extraneous circumstances, those moment do not define me as a person, but rather, influence my decisions and mindsets.

With that I tell you that above being a creator on YouTube, above being an artist, above being abstract qualifiers, I am ultimately someone who creates out of passion. Although I am self motivated, I enjoy seeing that people happen to be moved by what my make, either commercially or conceptually.

Through Patreon, I can work on projects while being funded by a plethora of great people who genuinely enjoy what I makes and have the means to provide creative stipends for my work, which keeps my operation going and helps out those who enjoy my work as well and may not have the means.

The selfless yet capable contributions to patrons like you not only have my thanks, but deserve the acknowledgement of your counterparts.

Thank you for reading.
- Orchid

Probable FAQs
What do you mean by visual art projects?
Visual art projects are an umbrella term for animation, a drawing or painting series, self or collaborative publications, 3D modelling, and traditional printing methods. Considering visual arts is a vast field in its own, it can embodied more things, but those above listed are the ones that mainly come to mind based on my personal interests.
How to do pronounce "CydoniaOS"?
Sigh-dough-knee-uh O.S. (my initials).

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