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• access to my Patron only posts where I will post live music videos and talks. 

• monthly digital newsletter with inspirational stuff!

• 2 mp3's of unreleased demos or songs!

• my eternal gratitude for your continued support!

3 Chord Song
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A monthly donation of $3 gets you:

• all above tiers PLUS: 

• an additional mp3 (3 mp3's) of unreleased songs or demos.

•  weekly “random inspirations photo series!” I search for inspiration wherever I go and every week I will post a "patron only" photo from the series and my thoughts.   

• My eternal gratitude for your continued support.

Now We're Swingin'!
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• after 6 months of membership, a digital copy of my "Treehouse Trio Sessions" album.

• after 1 year of membership-a physical copy of my "Treehouse Trio Sessions" album. 

•  monthly digital writing prompt! I believe that everyone has something inside of them that yearns to break free, and writing is an excellent tool to release your emotions. Having a prompt to reflect on during the month can motivate us to look deeper about what is going on inside of ourselves. At the beginning of every month I will send you a beautiful digital writing prompt via email that you can have the option of printing out. It will also include some inspirational quotes to inspire you! At the end of the month I will share with you what I have written in a "patron only" post.   

• My eternal gratitude for your continued support.




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Hi! My name is Cynthia Brando and I’m a singer songwriter in Los Angeles. I am excited to be here on Patreon creating not just music, but emotional support stuff for my patrons! 

So what does that mean exactly?

Patreon has become one of those platforms that are saturated with artists asking for money, and I was reluctant at first to join because my immediate thought was, “what do I have to offer the world that is different?” Sometimes I think, “I'm just another singer songwriter” in a sea of many others, and although I believe my music is different and unique, is it enough to be asking for a monthly donation of support?

Awhile back I started a platform called, “Music Emerging” which is the name you see as my banner. It's a site I created to offer emotional support to people in the music industry after realizing there is a strong need for this. Music Emerging started off as a magazine idea where I interviewed others in the industry.  I also included a personal essay in each issue about my journey as a musician. I have always been a writer, but had not yet shared my private thoughts with the world outside my small circle. Once I finally put my writing out there, I got amazing feedback not just from other music industry people, but from many others and decided to expand Music Emerging to a broader vision which I am currently in the process of doing. The common themes I write about are fears, doubts, insecurities, hopes, passions...emotions we all go through. I write about these themes from the vantage point of my path as an artist, but the themes are universal. I relate those emotions often through my songs, but essay writing and other artistic projects are other ways that I want to connect with others, and connecting on a deeper level is what launching the Patreon page is all about for me.

You will not just be supporting me with your monthly donation, but I want to connect with and support you on your journey. I want to speak about the unique, very human experiences we all share, not just through my music, but in other ways too. For my Patreon platform I will be offering my music, but some other unique ways that we can connect together, through shared writing prompts, pen pal support, vision boards and my “random inspirations photo series.” Me, and this process, is just that. It's a process, and I am very excited about all the possibilities of connectivity, inspiration and mutual support and understanding that it can create. The three words I chose for the inception of Music Emerging was: Unfold, Reveal and Arise. What do those words mean to you and what are YOUR three words?

Thanks for stopping by and please do check out my Patreon video below and the monthly donation levels to see if there is something for you!

You can find out more about me at my website!

And about Music Emerging!

A quick low down of the tiers-
$2 gets you patron only posts and a newsletter with some free music.
$3 gets you the above plus the weekly "random inspirations photo series."
$7 gets you all the above, more free music and the monthly writing prompt. 
$12 gets you all the above, more free music and the monthly vision board post card. 
$20 gets you all the above and the monthly pen pal coaching/support and follow up. 
$30 get you all the above and several personal travel postcards per year.

You can click on each tier to read in more detail exactly what you will get and see if it's right for you!


If you would like to make a one time donation-you can click HERE!

Still not sure about this Patreon thing? Read about what it is HERE!
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When I reach 300 patrons I will be able to catapult some projects that I have been slowly working on for years! I mostly fund my own projects; saving money here and there for completing singles, ep's and albums, and other musical related projects like this book I want to launch! This support would help me move the process along faster and get it out to you all!
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