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Hi, I'm Cynthia.

This is where I update my sponsors on what I'm working on. Here's a little bit about each. 

The Book
The project I'm starting with is a book about my upbringing. It was tentatively titled "Growing Up Jeub," but in 2018 I chose a new working title, "Music in the Dream House." I've always written with descriptors from the music that has shaped my life. I've also always been a dreamer, and my siblings were dreamers, so the illusory nature of our reality in a world of sheltered gaslighting is naturally described as a dream. My parents' book was titled "Love in the House," which was a far-off dream compared to our reality. So I call it the dream house.

That's my first project, but Patreon is an ongoing campaign, and I have more to write about than just my family. However, I know that not everybody cares as much about the same content, so you'll know when I'm finished and am moving on to something else.

The Blog is my little corner of the internet to post whatever has my attention - from economic inequality and other forms of overlooked injustice, to recovery and mental illness, to bits of poetry and in-depth research of current events. It has always been a place where survivors are welcome, and over the years it's become a little haven for people learning about the world I grew up in.

The YouTube Channel
As of 2019, I'm finally back on YouTube. I took a four-year hiatus after reading through the Quran close to the end of leaving my own Christian faith. I'm an atheist now, and on the channel I discuss how I left religion, and respond to the many comments I receive about comparative religions. 

How I'll Use Your Donation
Writing takes time, and right now I'm busy working multiple jobs to support myself. This will help me pay bills like rent and utilities, while still having time to work on a book. I'll also set funds aside for things that authors need - a professional editor, a publisher, publicity and printing costs, and possibly traveling expenses for book tours.

How Patreon Works
Some funding websites let you raise money for one project at a time. Patreon lets you donate small amounts on a monthly basis for ongoing projects. I'm always going to be working on three things: my blog, my YouTube channel, and my book(s). I update my blog and YouTube channel more often, and the current book is a larger project that will take several months to complete. When you offer monthly support, you'll give me what I need to release regular content, and depending on how much you give, I can offer you exclusive rewards.

What Happens When I Switch Projects?
When I finish this book and move onto another writing project, I will let all of you know so you can adjust what you want to help me with. If a book about education or spirituality is more interesting to you than my family past, just watch my blog for the update that I'm switching to a new project. Similarly, if you'd rather not hear about my thoughts on religion, you can always withdraw your support once I'm finished publishing the book I'm working on right now.

Become a Patron, Get Exclusive Content
If you enjoy my blog and want to read my books when they come out, that's great! Please don't feel like you owe me anything for that. I'm honored that people want to read my work. Some people have said they want to support me, so this is an opportunity for you to do that. If you want to support me, I'll do my best to offer you exclusive content and access to express my thanks. Patreon is cool because if you give me support, you get special content that my regular blog readers don't get. 

The tiers are listed in the right column. I'm not a big fan of paywalls, so all of my research and final information that should be available to all, will be. Everything you get for your patronage through Patreon is updates on what you're sponsoring - behind-the-scenes posts, polls, maybe even some drafts and notes. Beyond these, I will report on my trauma recovery and, if I meet my goals, will work to pay it forward.

Sustainable, Attainable Goals
So how exactly will I be paying it forward? I live on very little, so my first goal of $500 per month will significantly free up my time to continue writing about child trauma and economic hardship. If we make it $1000, my rent will be completely covered, which is what I really need to get by. In the left column, there are four goals, with milestones at each $500 until we reach $2000. This is more than I need to get by on, so I will be developing the most effective solutions I've researched over the years, and investing in those, while reporting on why the evidence points to them.

Want to give, but not ready to pledge?
Thank you so much for your kindness! One-time donations can be made to: 

PayPal: [email protected]
CashApp: $CJeub

By request, I've also created an Amazon wish list, which you can find here:
$538 of $1,000 per month
This amount covers the following:
-The ability to take care of my partner 
-Utilities/internet/cell phone
-Transportation (bus or uber)
-Adobe CC Premiere (the editing software I use for YouTube)
-Clothes and necessities
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts

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