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Lowest donation I could implement for supporting the Archive's webhosting.

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Bit larger donation. This goes a long way to supporting the Archive's webhosting costs.

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Largest donation that I currently feel comfortable with. This will go quite a way for the Archive webhosting costs.

I'll do my best to free up time for some sort of search-able html index that can be downloaded. Such a thing will add a fair bit of time to doing updates as every new cyoa will have to be entered.

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About CYOA Archive

Tip Jar.

This is to support the free archive of CYOA images. CYOA stands for Choose Your Own Adventure and these were inspired by the old books of the same name, but are something of a different beast. The archive costs around 50 dollars a year for the upgraded storage and more website "resources".

Patreon is a per-month thing, but if you only want to make a one-time tip, you can pick a tier, pay it (which will be paid immediately due to charge up-front), and then cancel :)

Thank you for your support. Without it there would not be a readily available archive.

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