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About Tanya C. DePass

I Need Diverse Games is my full time job thanks to I Need Diverse Games becoming a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization as of August 13th, 2016. Because of this change, I'm dedicating all my time and resources available, but doing this doesn't generate a lot of money to keep the lights on, pay for miscellaneous things that you need daily. In fact, keeping I Need Diverse Games afloat would cost me what little I had to spare when I was employed.

To survive, pay my rent and keep fed, along with the cat, etc I need to ideally pull in $2000 a month, but to truly have all bills paid, be able to attend conventions, etc I need to hit a goal of about $3K a month. I outlined this in a recent post on my blog, and I've copied some of that below.

Ideally I would need at least $2000 - $3000 a month coming in to cover the following:
Rent $1,005 a month
Bills, including internet, electricity, cooking gas, etc. ($750)
Pet costs ($150)
Groceries ($350)
Insurance ($140 a month under ACA, as long as we have it)
Transit costs ($100 a month, unlimited rides on CTA)
INDG related Travel & Doing cost of business expenses (which could also be pulled from INDG for specific reasons/conventions)

If you can help me support myself while I do this work it would be great. Thank you in advance for any help you can give so I can continue to do this full time. Please note, that there is a separate Patreon for I Need Diverse Games, found at patreon.com/INeedDivGms 

$2,717 of $3,500 per month
I could live without having to watch every penny, instead I could live and do a bit of work that requires travel and just watch every dime.
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