is creating Lovely Counselors, an Adult Video Games
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Prospective Counselor
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By pledging $1, you show you have interest in this game and want to keep in track with the game. Patrons will be given any chance to give me a feedback on the current version of the game through Current Version Feedback post later. You also get:

  • Access to Developer Update Tier 1 which contains a brief description of  what has been added to the game for the next update, with disguised  details (such as a disguised name) 
  • My Eternal Thanks!
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By pledging $5, you show that you enjoying this game, have the curiosity of what will happen in the next update, and want to help me with your character ideas. You'll also gain:

  • Early access to the game 1 week before the official public release. 
  • Vote on the Minor Opinion Polls, that will decide on how a new character will look like, who or what should I add for the next update.
  • All previous reward
Senior Counselor
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By pledging $10, you show your enthusiasm and want to support the game more. You'll gain:

  • Early access to the game 2 weeks before the official public release.
  • Access to Developer Update Tier 2 which basically same as Tier 1 update, but with clear details, sneak peek photos, and exclusive story from the developer toward the update that has been done (If there's any)
  • Vote on the Major Opinion Polls, that will decide new in-game update, character, etc.
  • Custom themed digital art, up to 2 pictures a month.
  • All previous reward




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About Cytrix


You are a person who is at the top of the world. You can get everything. Money. Throne. Woman. Power. Whatever it is. But, after getting everything, aren't you bored? Therefore, you decided to start a company again from scratch, which is a counseling company.

Follow the story of yourself who is starting from scratch and looking for the meaning of your real life! Meet and hire lots of women and build strong bonds with them! Of course "Lovely Counselors" have many "interesting" scenes.

WARNING: This game is focused on story between the main characters and the girls. I won't overdo "Interesting" scenes, but I'll try my best to balance it. So... If you're just want to play for the lewd aspect, I'm afraid you can't get it easily. But then again, we'll see about it later.

Currently, you'll have these three counselors:
  • Sara
  • Layla
  • Vale
The Main Tags of the game will be:
  • Dating Sim
  • Harem
  • Defloration
  • Squirting
  • Creampies
  • Anal
  • Corruption
  • Ahegao
  • And Many More!
No NTR, Of course!

Why Patron?

I love creating the game, do the programming, build up some scene in this project, it's very challenging and very fun for me. Although "Lovely Counselors" will always be a free games, I still need to make a living... So if at some point you enjoy and want to make this game even better and bigger than before, please consider to pledging. You'll also given some benefits too if you choose to become my patron!

You don't want to be a patron?
Well, there's many, many way for you to support me. You can show it through Bug Report on patreon and by spreading a word about this game. And I will always be open to all of you who are happy with this game and want to make it better!

How to get in contact with me?
You can contact me through:
E-mail: [email protected], and
Patreon private message/post, I'll use the page as the primary intermediary to have an in-contact with you. We have this patreon page (and some of you maybe paid more) so, why don't we use this platform as an interaction place?
$0 of $100 per month
Upon reaching this goal, I can cover part of the costs that I have spent to make this game. achieving this goal also proves that you, my friends, really enjoy this game that I made.
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