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About The d20 Syndicate

The d20 Syndicate is a pretty good Actual Play Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) 5th Edition Podcast, where we go on adventures so you don’t have to.

We haven't been in the podcast game long, but we're loving every second of it! We've been playing D&D as a group for almost 2 years now, but some of us used to play 3.5 growing up. Wanting to rekindle the magic or improvised fantasy roleplaying, we decided to get our significant others involved. Lo and behold — they're naturals!

We truly believe that there's something in this game for everyone, and we're immensely excited we get to hang out together and goof off for your amusement two times a week!

Here's where you come in!

We feel weird asking anyone for money to listen to us do what we'd be doing anyway, but we think we've got something special on our hands. If you're reading this, hopefully you do too! We're going to keep this boat afloat as long as we can, but making podcasts is tough! We edit each one ourselves, and that takes up precious time. Each of us currently have full time jobs, so we put our all in to bringing you regular content for your earholes. In a perfect world, we would just do this full time, but realistically, we need to put food on the table!

Your money would go towards upgrading our equipment, and financial upkeep of the show. Having you help us out would curb some of that burden and allocate funds where they belong: giving you better content!

Thankfully, we understand the value of your hard-earned money. SO we're keeping things pretty accessible. We have some pretty cool stuff planned for each reward tier we offer. We want to ensure that everyone can get something worthwhile.

We're super excited for this next leg of our journey, and can't wait for you to tag along. Welcome to The d20 Syndicate!
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Livestream - Once we hit this threshold, we will be able to handle regular livestreams when we record our episodes.
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