Brian F'n Patterson is creating Comics and Pretty Good Art

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$1 /mo
Every dollar is appreciated! Thank you! This level will get you access to my activity stream with sketches, concept art for upcoming projects, and No Context Theatre strips. All monthly ea...

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$3 /mo
The Official Handbook of the d20Monkeyverse!
Patrons at this level and higher have access to a throwback style paying homage to the original

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$5 /mo
Bespoke Cartoon Penis
Patrons at this level receive monthly Bespoke Cartoon Penis illustrations. Back in the day, dicks were all over d20Monkey and now I am go...

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$11 /mo
Penis Postcards in your Postbox
Every 3 months I will send backers at this level a packet of 3 postcards featuring the most recent Bespoke Cartoon Pen...

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$25 /mo
You will receive a custom social media avatar drawn by me, based on photo reference you provide. These avatars are hi-res, full-color, head shots delivered via Dro...