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d20Monkey Four Days a Week!
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For the first time ever, d20Monkey goes four days a week with new comics posting on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!
Innsmouth Garden Society
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I will launch a brand-new, twice a week series devoted to the adventures of the Innsmouth Garden Society!


I'm the cartoonist behind the comic d20Monkey!


Nashville, TN, USA

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Howdy. My name is Brian Patterson and I have spent the last four years creating the webcomic d20Monkey. Which you can put your eyeballs on right here!

At the beginning of 2015, I took the leap into making d20Monkey and freelance illustration my full-time job (Yes, it is awesome and terrifying).

I would love to expand my projects on the site with more blog posts, comics, maps, monsters, and launch a new comic based on the ladies of the Innsmouth Garden Society!

Your support through Patreon can help make all of this happen by allowing me to cut back on my freelance schedule to keep the bills paid and give me more time to work on my own projects full of gaming, magic, monsters, fun characters, and a healthy sprinkling of dick jokes.
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