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About Lester Smith

NEWS! The current project is D6xD6 Dungeons, a 250+ page standalone game with an old-school style and solo rules!
PATRONS! Easily access your free settings, bonus adventures, and product discounts here: D6xD6.com Patrons.

Greetings! Welcome to D6xD6 Worlds. Its purpose is to create new 6-page settings for the D6xD6 role-playing game. 
What's the D6xD6 game? 

It's a quick-and-easy system for running role-playing adventures. You can create literally any type of character, based on a unique dice mechanic and a single attribute—Focus. Here's a quick summary of character creation: 

Circle 1 of 4 attributes—Brawn, Grace, Wits, and Will—as your strongest, and cross out 1 as your weakest. Next, name literally any occupation you can imagine. Then choose up to 9 bonus skills from the setting you'll play. Focus is the total of those skills, plus 1 for occupation. Add a few free secondary skills and give your character a name, age, and gender—you're ready to go!

Very focused characters are great with their occupation and the few skills they're familiar with. Less focused characters have a wider range of skills at lower proficiency, but they also have a better chance of success at things they've never tried before.

A brand-new character takes about five minutes to make and can fit on a business card.

The free core game rules are at www.d6xd6.com, with five sample 6-page settings, plus introductions to a couple dozen others based on novels by some excellent authors. 

What do you mean by "6-page settings"? 

The D6xD6 rules were launched with the involvement of two dozen writers from a wide range of genres. Each of their worlds is presented as a 6-page chapter with game details specific to that setting. The novels themselves are source material for scenes, characters, and plot ideas. This 6-page format keeps things concise, so you can get right to playing.  

So what do I get for being a patron? 

You'll receive
  • a monthly 6-page setting 90 days before it's available for sale to the general public;
  • a bonus patrons-only full-page adventure in that world;
  • a vote on which setting should be published next (if you suggest a favorite novel or author's world, I'll ask that author for permission); 
  • opportunity to play-test and comment on all new D6xD6 products I publish;
  • a discount on all D6xD6 rule books and source books I publish, both PDF and print. This includes a discount on the core rules books! 

You'll also have my undying gratitude. I've written a lot of role-playing games and supplements in my career, all for other people. The D6xD6 RPG is the first one I can call my own, and your patronage keeps it alive and growing. It helps me devote time to writing and publishing, pay for art and layout, and expand the game's footprint in our hobby. For all of that, I cannot thank you enough.  


Lester Smith
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 62 exclusive posts
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