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Comics currently getting page updates:
The Game
Mood Boobs
Before And Again/Time And Again
Myth Trial
A Case of Transformation
An archive of comics can be found in our Discord. 18+ only.
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About Dan Standing

The Comics And Stories You've Wished For!

"I intend to speak of forms changed into new entities..."

Little did Dan Standing know that Ovid's opening lines in Metamorphoses would have such an impact on his life. Dan has worked on transformation fiction for over a decade, and joined Patreon to bring better fantasy comics and stories to more people and to celebrate transformation and metahuman fantasy in our modern media. He also wants to work on building a permanent and tangible legacy for the genre we all love.

If you're interested in the history, preservation, and sharing of transformation fiction you will receive insight into Dan's collection of transformation themed media, called the  Transformeum. Be the first to get impressions, reviews, and recommendation of physical works that have come before him in the Transformation genre.

For Mature Readers

Patrons interested in explicit material and are 18+ will find at all pledge levels comics and stories dedicated to sexy transformation or fantasy characters. Over the years great and reliable talent have worked hard to help create some of the finest original transformation art on the web!

Breast expansion, shrunken women, petrification, multi-limb, and other transformation genres are in over 450 pages of comics in our private Discord server, where Patrons can also chat with Dan.

Here's What Dan Standing's Readers Have To Say:

"You write some of the best niche erotica in English. Almost nowhere else can I find literature that satisfies so many of my kinks at once. If Ovid were to be reborn he'd fall into a depressive state, for his role is fulfilled."
Reading/Suporting for: 5 years

"I love the way Dan writes erotic transformation fiction. I like how he doesn't shy away from bizarre and unique scenes, and the way he writes the characters' reactions to what is happening to them."
Reading/Supportinig for: Not sure, but probably at least 10 years.

"He's extremely creative, and he knows how to create stunning transformations, curses, wishes, etc."
Reading/Supporting for: About 2 years; until recently, only having read his older works via his website, old and new versions. Now, I support him on Patreon.

"Because he's a great writer, with very good style and a seemingly endless, deliciously wicked imagination, putting in great effort to cater to a niche audience."
Reading/Supporting for: Not really sure, but many a year


Why Does Dan Want To Get Paid For This?
Most of the money earned through Patreon goes straight to the graphic artists at the end of each month. Any extra or overflow gets put aside for covering projects if monthly income falls short. Dan would love to turn writing and comics into his actual job one day, and is now building in that possibility so more time can be dedicated towards reader rewards. This also help pays for the storage unit much of the Transformeum material is stored in.

Want to support Dan in some other fashion? He has  an Amazon list of items for Transformation Research!

How Do Patrons Get Their Rewards?
All rewards are posted to the Patreon feed, which are pushed to Patron based on your subscription tier. All comics across Dan's long production history are available to Patrons in the Members Discord! While Patreon has made big steps to make browsing old posts easier, the best way to read backlogs of Dan's comic is in the Discord. Please let him know if this presents any problem to you!
$798.96 of $918 per month
Dan can pay artists for 6 sequential art pages a month. This is an average cost-per-page based on artist rates, plus a small cushion to cover promised production if the monthly income has a sudden drop.
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