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Buddies receive the following benefits

     - Access to the Patreon feed (which I will do my best to remember to post teaser videos, cover reveals, rough cuts, and the like) (but I can barely post to Twitter regularly so I'm sorry)

     -Access to a patrons only Discord server! This is currently in the works and when its up you'll be able to chat and play games with me somewhat regularly.

     - Your name in the descriptions of every video I post to YouTube

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Friends receive the following benefits, as well as the benefits of the previous tier

     - All releases sent as an MP3 via email, for your downloading pleasure.

     - A shoutout at the end of every video posted to YouTube as long as you're a patron of this tier

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Besties receive the following benefits, as well as the benefits of the previous tiers

     - Premium cover requests. These requests can be sent to me via Patreon Message and will be honored before those I see in comments. I will acknowledge when they are received and please be respectful. Only send serious requests and don't send multiple requests if I haven't honored your first one yet.

     - Open Messages! Send me any questions you may have over Patreon or my other social medias, and I will do my absolute best to answer. Just be sure to mention that you're a bestie if you send a message outside of Patreon.

Super Friends
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Supers receive the following benefit, as well as the benefits of the previous tiers

     - I'll produce a song for you! Send me a Patreon Message (that way I know you're a Super,) and we can work out the best way to communicate. We'll establish the feeling you're going for, you can send me the files, and I'll do everything in my power to get it out for you as quick as I can.




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About D. E. D.

Hey! I'm Damien and I'm a cover artist/songwriter/producer who covers your favorite songs and my favorite songs on YouTube and Sound Cloud; and eventually if the gods are in my favor, some of my own original music.

Supporting me here on Patreon ensures that I can make music for a living which has been and will always be a deep rooted passion of mine. I hope you find my reward tiers fair for both of us. I ask for payments per release since I don't stick to a concrete schedule and I believe in getting out what I put in. I recommend setting a monthly maximum, that way you don't spend more than you're willing if I go crazy with releases

Of course, you aren't required to pay me; simply listening and sharing what I release helps a ton and is greatly appreciated. 
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