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Crier take part in all campaign related votes.

• The Crier tier adds +.5 to the 2 monthly event rolls. 1 roll for each campaign; Kingmaker & Regicide

See 'Event' charts here!

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  • -1 Infamy (Recognition)

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About Daelric

Hello Everyone

Welcome to my Patreon!

   My name is Daelric, and every week I play amazing ttRPGs over on twitch for any/all to view. If you miss those, NO PROBLEM! I post them up on Youtube for you to enjoy at your leisure. So far we've had a game in Eberron, the Mass Effect universe, the Witcher universe, and a few 1shots in several different worlds. We have so many plans for other games/systems we want to play and look forward to doing so! I'd like to use Patreon as a means to better fund the show, allowing us to not only continue but grow, but to make this channel something unique!

Why Patreon?

   In my new and on going game, we will be playing in my new Homebrew world, Aurôrum!! Even better than that, this will be a Kingmaker game. By becoming a patron, you are joining the 'kingdom'. Your patronage directly impacts the game in the form of the party's 'Silent Patron'! Depending on the tier, you gift the party gifts, create characters for them to meet, and maybe even get to enjoy the world first hand in an adventure run by yours truly. 

The 'Silent Patron':

   In this game the party will be fighting against beasts, bandits and baronies. All the while they will be working to finally restore order to a land that has been in chaos for several centuries. To say the least, this is a daunting task. Without some sort of support is nigh impossible. Luckily the party has a ‘Silent Patron’ that, for unknown reasons, has a vested interest in their success. They will be aiding the party from the shadows by granting them gold, supplies and even influence within the lands. As members of Patreon, you directly impact how generous this 'Silent Patron' is. Check out the different tiers to see in what way you may lend your aid.

There is a Monthly Event Chart that will be rolled on each time an in game month or real life month passes. Those results will be recorded on camera for patrons.

Baseline monthly ‘Silent Patron’ Aid:
  • 1 Build Point

Thank you for all the support!

$378 of $500 per month
I wanna run my 3rd game in the same world. The 3rd game that has an interlocking story with the other two. 

Right now we have:
Aurorum: Kingmaker
Aurorum: Regicide

It's time to start working towards:
Aurorum: Throne Keeper
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