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About Dae of the Past


Hi! I'm Dae and I create both comics and novels. Through this Patreon, you can support me on my journey to becoming a full-time artist and ensuring that these stories will continue to be updated free to the public!

You have my sincerest gratitude for your support, whether it be here through Patreon or through sharing and commenting on my series.

My Series

Dating Not-So Simulation

Morgan Cuevas is transported to a magical world with a strange, magical necklace. There she befriends a mysterious and beautiful man that looks suspiciously similar to a character in the game she was playing. 
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Lady Lucia
A woman is reincarnated in a world full of criminal families and strange, magical fire. But she recognizes this world, it's the anime she used to watch!
Read on:
 [Patreon], [Tapas] <-- Soon!

The Last Chosen One: Novel

An 11 chapter novella about a magic-less woman who stands up to a cruel dictator.
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You are a Benevolent God

A two-page comic striving to help artists realize their worth.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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