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About DAGames

Hello fellow Internet browsers! My name is Will Ryan, and we're known as DAGames!

I'm here to let you know a little more about our channel and what we aim to do for our fellow followers!

  1. Music in dedication / parody for big games
  2. Let's Plays for all the games we make songs for
  3. Animated parodies of our favourite games
  4. Daily live streams, communicating with our fans on a bigger level, and to play the games and songs you all enjoy!

So far we have a years worth of Let's Plays and some fairly successful cartoons But this project needs your help. Yes, you, the one with your butt on the chair and the smiles and the... Anyway, We need funding for all the technology we need to give you the richest quality from all of the episodes. And by making this possible, the future will help us evolve into a structured, professional and stable series.

Again, this is a very big project, but if we can build on this community we plan to grow, you'll be a part of something amazing! So once again, this is DAGames, you have been an awesome audience, and even if you can't donate anything, we take freebies, and would appreciate if you could advertise, like or subscribe the channel, there's tons more than Let's Playing placed on this channel, so that would really be appreciated!

Good luck people! o0 WIll Ryan 0o
$200 of $500 per month
Will be able to hire out studio quality services to offer much better music and videos. Better yet it can keep us all out of a regular job so we can produce much more content for you!
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