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Hello fellow weirdling, and welcome to the Patreon page for The Daily Grail. Here's the quick and easy low-down on who we are, and why we're asking for your support.

Who We Are

The Daily Grail is a website that began way back in 1998, which is devoted to intelligent discussion of topics at 'the edges' of science and history. From new technology, discoveries and ideas, to all that weirder stuff that responsible, rational people are too scared to talk about, lest they be branded a 'woo-woo' (parapsychology, UFOs, etc.). We advocate exploration of these fascinating topics with an open, but critical mind, and checking your beliefs and ego at the door.

Why We Need Your Help

Getting up every morning and struggling to find the time and money to justify keeping a website running for 18 years may be a hell of a way to prove your integrity, but it's not always a barrel of fun. Collecting all the links we post in our daily news, and writing articles on fascinating topics, takes some serious hours (not even counting the behind the scenes work on website administration). 

Sure, there's plenty of ways to earn some money. Other websites sell their members email addresses, hide commercial links in 'sponsored posts', and find other ways. We won't do that, because...well, because we're not a-holes.

So we got to thinking. We have almost 10,000 daily readers. Maybe people appreciate what we do enough to drop just $1 a month on us (or a little more, if they feel it's justified), to not only help keep the site running, but allow it to improve! A new, mobile device-friendly design. A newsletter curating the best links of the week. More fascinating articles from great writers. Perhaps even a podcast if there's enough support out there.

And maybe, we could even bring further rewards (than just the website being awesome) for those that back us. For just $12 a year - surely that would sound like a good deal?

We think so, and hope you'll take the time to back us. Because everybody wins from this deal!
$431.02 of $1,000 per month
First goal: the minimum amount needed to be sustainable. We'll celebrate by continuing to exist. Oh, and we'll create a weekly newsletter that curates the best links of the week. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts

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