Daily Laughers is creating Laughter Yoga demo videos every day.

I care about your mission

$1 /mo
$1 monthly patrons receive two heaping scoops of gratitude and endless virtual hugs (while supplies last). Seriously, your dollar says you care and want to be part of the Daily Laughers tribe. Than...

Virtual Tip Jar

$3 /mo
$3 monthly patrons have some skin in the game. Each month one of you will be randomly selected to receive a handwritten postcard from wherever I happen to be. Patrons at higher tiers are not entere...

Relax On Purpose: Take a Mental Vacation

$5 /mo
$5 monthly patrons can download a hypnosis .mp3 to train your mind to have less stress and practice “the art of just noticing” thoughts, like waves, are endless and do not always require a response...

Laughnosis Discussion Group

$20 /mo
The Laughnosis Discussion Group is continuing education for 

people who have taken the live Laughnosis training or the online course here -


Private Monthly Laughter Coaching Call

$75 /mo
$75 monthly Patrons receive a 45 minute private laughter coaching session on Skype or Zoom once per month. We will do intentional laughter together either just for fun and feeling good or as part o...

Private Daily Laughter Sessions

$1,500 /mo
You want to discover the impact of a daily laughter practice in your life but you need support and accountability. I will reserve time to laugh with you privately every single day for a month. We w...