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We are a progressive political site dedicated to bringing you news and analysis. We curate the best content from other progressive sites and have dedicated writers producing original content. We are a self-sustained, independent organization.

We need your support to keep running our website, sending out our newsletter, and maintaining our discussion forum. We are under attack by social media, with our original Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account beings banned by the social media giants because they are afraid of all political content, left or right. We have not and will not incite hate or support unfounded conspiracy theories to advance our ideology. We seek the truth and believe in a progressive, social democracy.

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We are under attack on social media, with our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts being shut down in recent months. The traffic from social media has been how we have sustained the site. To keep the site up and running, we need to get to 500 patrons. Otherwise, we will be forced to shut down by the end of October.
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