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About Daisy Chain Cosplay

I like to play dress up, do tricks, and create free computer programming tutorials!!!  <3
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Do you want to join the Commander's army?  For a mere $5 tribute I will let you!


1) Serve Your Queen

2) View exclusive content on my Patron Feed including: Cosplay, Circus Freak Training, Twerking, Pole Dancing, Beach && more!

3) Access to exclusive deals on prints and other products and services (Including Web Development, Google Coding Commanders to check my programmer side)

4) I will think about you before I go to bed at night ;)

Coding Commanders
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This tier is created for those who want to support my computer programming tutorials.  

You will get early access to all Coding Commanders tutorials (videos + written lessons).  I am currently working on beginner friendly Godot game development tutorials.

This will allow you to utilize the information early and provide me with valuable feedback to make the tutorials even better!

Queen's Commanders
per month

Do you want to help your Queen commander her empire?  For a mere $25 Tribute I will make you a Commander in my army.  

Benefits Include:

1) Everything my soldiers receive!

2) Access to 18+ Content not available at to soldiers ;)

3) I will do more than just think about you before bed ;)

Queen's Concubine
per month

Do you want to have a close relationship with the queen who you serve?  This is your chance!

Benefits Include:

1) Everything available to lower tiers

2) 20% off Prints

3) 50% off Digital Sets

4) Access to extra special 18+ content, not available to lower tiers.

5)  After 3 months of serving in queen's concubine you will receive a 2 min personalized video each month! 

Special Forces
per month

Special Forces are my most trusted and cared for troops.

Benefits include:

1) Everything available to lower tiers

2) 20% off Prints

3) 75% off Digital Sets

4) Four minute long personalized cosplay video once a month. 

5) Access to my BEST 18+ content.  This content is exclusive to the Queen's Special Forces.  

$497 of $500 per month
This will allow me to do:

1) Circus Freak Training Once a Week
2) A new Cosplay, guarenteed, Each Month!
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