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💙 When said art book happens (hoping for 2019) your name will be listed as someone who helped make it happen! 

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Hi, I'm Daisy Ein!
I'm an illustrator, musician, and indie game developer from the USA!

I love to draw, and I want to make fun, heartwarming games that are diverse and filled with memorable characters! This is my dream, and I'm working hard to make that dream come true!

🌼 Here's a look at some of the stuff I do & stuff I'm working on! 🌼

My first game is Tiny Bird Garden - a mobile game for iOS and Android that you can play right now! All of the music and artwork in the game was made by me, and it was programmed by my partner in bird crime, @ZapLayden! Our little two person crew is called Super Retro Duck! It's not a full time job for us yet, but we're determined to keep supporting our game until that dream comes true! 
Your support on Patreon means we (myself and Layden - we live together!) can spend more time working on new content for Tiny Bird Garden - new birds, new sets, new hats, and new features! We hope to release the game's first expansion in Q2 2018.

I'm also working on a visual novel! I really want to be able to devote ample time to this project; I'd like to create something heart warming, soft, and romantic for others to enjoy! By supporting me on Patreon, I can make this more of a priority - I really want to make this happen!

I love drawing characters, I love making music, and I love making games! Your support on Patreon means I can further dedicated my time to those things. In addition to my game projects, I love creating fan art, game covers, and other fun stuff! 

Oh, and I also really love drawing cute birds! I want to continue doing little inktober bird drawings, even though October is long gone! 

Your support on Patreon helps keep me working on these projects!

If you do decide to support my creative projects, there's a bunch of neato thank you perks to choose from, such as:

  • Sketches, WIPs, and other fun stuff!
  • Vote on new content for Tiny Bird Garden!
  • Get an inside look at the indie dev projects I'm working on!
  • Monthly PDF sketchbook content that will hopefully contribute to my first art book!
  • First dibs on commissions and discounts on merchandise!

Please note that some rewards (like game codes, sketch book) will be sent to you after the current month has ended and payments have been processed! So, for example, you would receive your February rewards in March. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!!

Can't afford to pitch in? That's ok!

You can support my work for FREE
by downloading Tiny Bird Garden on iOS or Android!

Playing for free helps support my work - no payment necessary!
Want to help even more? Consider sharing the game with a friend!

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my Patreon!! It means the world to me, and I appreciate it very, VERY much!! Feel free to toss a hello over to me on Twitter - I'm @DaisyEin! 💕🐣
25% complete
If we can hit this goal, it would really help with some of the financial burdens that keep me from working on the projects I love most!

We'll celebrate with a live stream, cake, and printable party hats! (no, seriously, I will make printable party hats and show ya'll the cake) I will also create a "Painting in Photoshop" video tutorial to show my thanks!
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