Daisy Family Rescue

is creating better life for the rescue stray dogs from Skopje




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About Daisy Family Rescue

We are a group of friends gathered to save and heal stray dogs in Macedonia!
Our story began when we found Daisy on the streets really sick and she desperately needed our help. We saved her and now she is healthy and happy enjoying in her home with her family who loves her so much.
But other dogs need us too and we did not stop. The life of the stray dogs in Macedonia is not easy, and the activist cannot help them alone. We need help and support for neutering, feeding, healing, vet expenses and private pensions until we find them happy homes. 

Lets create more happy stories together.

You can help by becoming a Patreon and donate for the homeless animals in need, a desirable amount each month. Only together we can make changes. And yes, maybe saving one life does not mean saving the world, but still the world of that one animal is changed forever. 
Love wins after all and every life matters!

As our logo says,
When there is love, miracles do happen
So lets make miracles TOGETHER!

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