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is creating Fantasy Fashion, Cosplay, Corsets, and Historical Clothing

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I'm making this pretty simple! This is the tier where you get all the goodies, construction tips, and full photo sets! This will be the majority of my posts.

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Hi! I'm Daisy. I create fantasy and historical gowns, corsets, and costumes. I delight in taking you on a magical journey through an enchanted realm with my designs! My dream is to share my wearable art with the world through an adventure in this magical realm. <3

Thank you for considering joining my Patreon! This is a perfect way to support my work while gaining access to exclusive content and gifts. I'm excited to share more of my creations with you!

Patreon allows me to share my new experiences with all of you and create more wearable art!

Patrons gain access to my exclusive content, including:
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• And more!

I love designing, creating, and inspiring others, and I am so excited to share my knowledge and my art with you! Will you join me?

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When we reach this goal, I will have enough funding to invest in a very high quality piece every month! I would love to be able to create more elaborate costumes and share my process with you! I'm currently creating one whenever I can, and the cost for some of these projects can be very high. I love researching and experimenting with techniques, and it's not something which is often requested for commissions. Being able to share my passion with you is a big part of why I created this page. I will continue to film my process and vlog! I love doing this and would like to transition to more of this model. I believe it will give back to you more too!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 222 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 222 exclusive posts

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