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My name is Daithí which is the Irish name for David.

I love being creative

I love making video sketches

I find people and the world fascinating.

Thank you for logging onto my page.

When you become a patreon you are helping me towards 

- Upgraded equipment- better microphones and sound equipment.
this massively improves the audio!

- improved lighting for video sketches.This greatly enhances the visual experience of the video sketches.

- A new computer to start editing on a big screen with better editing software, presently im editing on my phone and it’s a bit torturous with its limitations.
- New cameras and lenses and accessiores!
I do it all on the iPhone presently and it’s great- but it’s not at the level id love to take it.

- provide actors and me with an income for the time it takes for making the sketches.THIS WOULD BE SO COOL!

presently I get up at five in the morning to make sketches before work.
with my current set up ( on the iPhone and editing from the iphone) a video sketch all and all can take a about 6 /8 hours to make for a  2- 4 min sketch.
With better equipment and the luxury of being paid for the time I put into it 
I could make great content - without time pressures and equipment limitations.

For your much appreciated generosity Patreons will get exclusive  access to 

- behind the scenes footage of my sketches
-Deleted scenes, alternative endings to sketches not used ,  chats with me and other actors, 
- bloopers
- an in depth behind the scenes on how I make the videos ( if people want to know )
- A chance to receive limited edition merch and more !

Thanks so much in advance! 🙏
I greatly appreciate your support 
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