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About Daitomodachi

                                AHHHH! WHERE AM I?! WHO ARE YOU?!

Hi! My name is Daitomodachi, but you can call me Dai! I’m a 3D animator who makes anime and video game parodies using Source Filmmaker and Blender. I’ve been animating since 2014 and I enjoy bringing laughter to the world. You have no idea how much a simple laugh can save a life.

Some of my popular works include Bowsette Tricks Mario, Sombra Blackmails DVA, and Goku’s Perfect Family just to name a few. In fact, I’ve included a playlist of all my animations thus far

That’s Nice and All, But What Is Patreon? Why Are You Here?
Patreon is a crowdfunding site that allows fans to directly support content creators they love through monthly donations. Since 2016, Patreon allowed me to pay for some of the costs for the programs I use, sound editors, and voice actors. However, I want to expand my YouTube channel even further by increasing the quality of my animations through the goals I set up. You can view the goals on the left sidebar.

Okay? How Can I Help And What Do I Get Out Of It?
By creating an account on Patreon, you can support me through a monthly donation that you think is fair. Depending on the amount of the donation, you are able to get the following perks per month
  • Name in the credits
  • Access to my Patreon chat on my Discord Server
  • Access to Private Livestreams
  • Early Access on the animations I release
  • Exclusive Polls that affect the content I release
  • Monthly Zip Files containing past animations I worked on
You can see more rewards I offer to my Patrons by looking at the sidebar on the right

When will I be charged?
You will be charged immediately and during the 1st day of the month. However, if you pledge 1 – 7 days before the first and get charged twice, then I will refund the double charge. Please DM me to let me know ahead of time.

Do I have to pay to gain access to your Discord server?
Joining the Discord server is FREE! In fact, you can join here!

I don’t have the funds to support you. Is there another way I can help?
Honestly, watching and sharing my videos is THE BEST FREE WAY TO SUPPORT ME! I understand you cannot provide monthly donations and your well-being trumps everything.

96% complete
Nice! Nice! By hitting this goal, I will add a new Patron reward in which you guys will be able to see dioramas of the Blender models I use through Sketchfab!
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