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Thank you for your support! You'll be able to read and comment on our internal blog with posts from our developers and artists.
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Get Early Access to our games, tools, websites and projects. You'll have input into the final products.
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Vote on up coming projects. In addition to the internal blog and early access, you'll have access to polls. Help us pick future projects, artwork, and features.
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Web Famous. We sincerly appreciate your support. In addition to the internal blog, early access, and voting; we'll list you as one of our official sponsors on our website. Your contribution will directly support local artists and game developers.
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Get Source Access to our art files, music & sound effects and code snippets. Licenses permitting, we'll share SVGs, wave files, Swift source code snippets and other game materials with you that you can use in your own projects.
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Our deepest thanks. You're helping to make Indie Game Development a reality in East Hawaii. Your name, organization's name, or name of your choice will be featured prominately online and in our apps.  Thank you.