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This is for all you Rock n' Rollers. Supporting me on this tier means you can follow along with all the behind the scenes shenanigans! You'll get access to all the videos of me working on the different steps that go into writing/recording, making videos and live shows, as well as early video releases & music releases! Put your black leather jack it on and your Left first finger and pinky into the air!



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     Thanks for coming to my Patreon page. This page is super important to me and I'll tell you why, it is where people like you can come to help back me up in accomplishing my goals and dreams. The reason for this page is to allow you and others like you to help make my creativity take flight in the biggest ways! The support I receive here from you goes towards allowing me to work on music full time, planning/performing live shows, shooting amazing music videos and documenting all these processes in the meanwhile. It is very true that without your continued support it is almost impossible to make these things happen! Even traditional ways of making a living as a musician rely on people like you loving the art that we artist produce. So with that, thank you for being on this page and thank you for any support you may give to me! Wether you sign up as a patron, share a video or follow me on social media, I truly thank you for everything.


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50 people starting off is pretty dang good I think! We can do it!
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