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You'll not only be helping me, but helping the continuity of more than 10 existing, planned and future projects.

So, thank you so much! 🙏

⭐ I'll send you a personal thank you message.

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In addition to the personal thank you message:

⭐ I'll put your name on the supporters page on my personal website in the acknowledgments section with a personal URL of your choice

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In addition to #1 and #2 benefits

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About Dalton Menezes

Hi there.

I'm the guy behind a lot of free and open source projects and I love so much to work for it. ❤️

I've created this Patreon because I need your help to stay focused on these projects and creating new ones. Some features I want to give them costs the money that I don't have. 😿

So, by supporting me I'll be able to:

⭐ Spend more time improving existing projects
⭐ Work on new features
⭐ Create new projects
⭐ Fix issues more quickly
⭐ Give a better support for all users

About the tiers, it's just a symbolic way to say thank you and show to the world you're supporting these projects. The real reward is the projects itself and the new ones, the improvements of them with new features, bug fixes and so on. Helping me you'll also helping the following projects:

💎 Aura Theme
💎 Yout Player
💎 Electron Screen Recorder
💎 UNI - Linux
💎 Recipes for UNI
💎 Hyper-init
💎 Netflix List Exporter
💎 Stylish-hub
💎 Pepper - The Chicken
💎 What Type Is?
💎 EventScheduler
💎 99Notifications

And I have new planned projects such as:
💍 Extensible.js
💍 Flixee

If you can't afford donating at this moment, a github star or tweet are always welcome and keeps me also motivated. 😁

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact me at: [email protected]

Thank you!

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