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About Damaged Coda

The Office 

General Release - Episode 2[v0.2]:

Date : 17.3.2021

  1. PC - Mega - Link
  2. MAC - Mega - Link
  3. ANDROID - Mega - Link

Synopsis :

  • This game is about Gail, a 27-year-old woman who is currently working in a financial services company called HI&F - Huge Investment and Finances. She is a street-smart lady who came from humble beginnings and only has a college degree. She started as a receptionist and managed to get herself promoted as a financial advisor after years of hard work. Currently, she is fighting with a fellow colleague for the regional sales manager position.



  • All names, incidents portrayed and the characters in the game are fictitious and above the legal age. Any resemblance to real person or dead is purely coincidental .

About Myself

  • Hello and welcome to my Patreon page. I go by the alias Damaged Coda and I'm here creating VNs/Games for adults. I'm quite new at this but I do have a background in programming, photography and graphics editing. As a beginner I know there's definitely going to be a gap between my art work and my patrons but with your support and feedback we can bridge this gap down. I started this as a mere hobby but my interests grew exponentially as I learned more about this and here I'm presenting/sharing my work with you all. Hope you guys enjoy it!

What Am I Providing On My Patreon Page ?

  • My aim would be to create a near realistic VN/Game which would have a little complex story line with gradual plot development. You'll be allowed to choose paths - Good/Corrupt which will impact your futures scenes. There will be a lot of branching and different scenes leading to different outcomes.
  • All the content will be choice based and interactive with detailed writing and High Quality renders/animations. (1080p
  • Current project - The Office Episode-1[v0.1] 

Updates/New releases

  • I'll be honest with you guys. I am planning on releasing at least one update each month. Since I'm new to this and not everything goes as planned in the very beginning so updates might get a little delayed as of now but once I get familiar with what the users want/need, I assure you that future updates will be more systematic and consistent.

Thanks for all the love and support Hope you guys enjoy my work!

My SubscribeStar page: 

$1,000 - reached! per month
  • This will be my new part time job and hence I can devote a significant amount of time on the development of the game.
  • Need to purchase game related assets.
  • Need to get a better hardware specially need to buy some good cooling equipment for the rig.

Thank you so much for all the love and support!
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