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Be sure to be within this tier or higher tiers with a month or longer as well ask about this perk, we will not call for you. Contact the Content Manager Mod for this once requirements are meant. This is for security safety.

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You can now request a slot for a Chibi of your character or fandom of your liking. (SFW or NSFW)(Sketch only, no color)

***Sketch streams are hosted bi-monthly on the 2nd Saturday and Sunday.***

(additional details and rules for this tier here.)
https://www.patreon.com/posts/tier-q-25884217 )
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About Damian Vertigo

*Ahem* Hello there, the name's DamianVertigo. A digital artist, here to bring you the best quality monsters girls with a saucy coat of paint and shine.

I've been working on my craft for years; practicing to go beyond with each product that I've complete. I've been drawing as long as I can remember and getting paid to bring my vision and others to life is the dream. However, I've hit a roadblock that all of us face when putting our heart and soul into something you love; time.

So here's my mission; try to make art a full-time job.

This is a safety net, both to keep the lights on during those dry spells and to continue bringing you the best in monster girl media and original content that I can.

You can find me at more Socials here.

NewGroundspixiv / TwitterDa /  Fa
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$350 - reached! per month
Game Production!
Ok I'm not planning to make Hollow Knight here. But I do have connections with a pretty decent programmer and I'd like to hire them full time for some projects https://twitter.com/honnedell1
. He has a lot of experience with some H-Games, they frequently work with artists like CreamyGravy. and I'd like to do a Maze horror/ dating sim in the future. Thought that's gonna take a lotta effort and time, any animated scenes which I might need to hire other animators to pull in for the project. The game will be free for anyone to play when it comes out but you'll be able to test it freely on my Discord server and help me make improvements.  Any suggestions to what game we can go from there I'll happily take into consideration.
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