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About Damn Stuff Doodle

Hello there!

I'm Irma Díaz Estrada, I go by the name of Irma DS, and I doodle Damn Stuff, and you might be wondering what's all this Damn Stuff About.
Well, I'm a self-taught graphic designer and Illustrator artist born in Mexico and currently based in Montreal, Canada. I doodle bikes, people, and monster stuff. Since I'm self-taught I take on half time jobs to pay the bills while I invest the rest of my time on doodling and producing designs to grow my art world with this monster doodles.
I'm currently working on shirt designs, embroidering patches and experimenting on making pins and thriftshop art. 
What you can expect from me are a lot of teeth and stuff monsters, but I'm also digging into perfecting my drawing and painting skills so I can translate my work into bigger scales, such as murals.
Also, since I'm trying to make a living from my art, I've thought about expanding my creations through a series of Video Vlogs to showcase some of my process, experiments and inspiration (I'm always inspired by urban art, BMX bikes, skate and other urban action sports) to juice up this patreon page