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About Dana Destefano

Hi, my name is Dana. Thank you for visiting my Patreon. All my life I've dreamed of making a living doing creative projects that make me happy. I love to sing, play guitar, create videos, write, decorate things, drink tea, and so much more. Sometimes when I begin a new creative project, the people in my life doubt that I'll be able to bring it to life. Whether they think my idea is too crazy, or they don't believe I have the means to create what I'm planning, I set my mind to something and once I can see it in my head, nothing can stop me from making it happen. My friends and family are often surprised at what I'm able to pull off. Music will always be a huge passion of mine and I love to write songs and play shows. These days, I focus most of my creative energy on my Youtube channel. I like to make videos about tea, my love for all things Disney, and to document my life through vlogs. I have eclectic interests, but my aim is to inspire and entertain others. In December 2017 I made it my mission to upload a new video to my Youtube channel every day until Christmas and I had a blast doing it! I've been uploading videos on a weekly basis ever since. I don't have a nice camera or lighting equipment, but I put all of my heart and energy into creating the best quality videos I can make, with what I have. I am proud of the way my videos turn out, but if I were able to make money through these projects I love to do, I can invest in things that will help me make them higher quality, like a good camera. If I could make money by creating videos and playing music, I could feel good about investing more energy in those things and exploring other creative avenues. Instead of struggling to balance the work I love to do with a part time job that pays my rent but doesn't fulfill me creatively, I can focus on what I feel is the most meaningful way for me to contribute to the world. From the very bottom of my heart, I'd like to thank you for checking out my Patreon and reading this. I hope you feel compelled to contribute to helping me make my creative dreams come true!
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