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I work to create a world that is more sustainable, beautiful, and equitable.  I run funerals, weddings, baby and momma blessings, coming of age rites, high days, moon rites and more for my local community.  I live and work in the depressed economy of the Rust Belt, and sometimes the people I support have a hard time paying the $42.00 a year for grove and ADF membership.  

I've been blogging through various methods for well over a decade now, and have created a great deal of online content, including articles, coloring pages, and videos.  My hope now is to earn enough money to update my video recording equipment so that I can start recording what I do again.  My videos focus on trancework, crafts, sustainability techniques, farming skills, and all the wide range of what I do.  I also hope to begin to record my workshops so that they can go digital too.  

I try and make as much of my content as free as possible, with the idea that the patreon and my etsy store will fund that content. This is a business model I can get behind. It's how Wikipedia, Welcome to Night Vale, and The Guardian all run their businesses. I know that paid pagan clergy are simply not possible at this point, but I want to pioneer how we might actually leverage our skills to do such a thing, because this calling drives me.

There are a great many pagan solitaries out there and I want to reach out and help create the things they need to have a thriving spiritual practice. I want to keep serving my community locally as well as my wider online community. Please help me to do so by becoming a supporter today. Thank you.

To find my work around the web check out these social media sites:
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I've worked in sustainable art for years.  One of my deep interests is blockprinting with soy based ink, but I have found that doing that on fabric is not possible.  If I reach this goal I will be able to afford an intermediate screen print setup so that transfer my block prints to screen prints and use soy based inks on fabric to create tee-shirts, bags, and baby onesies.
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