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Unlock access to my Patreon blog, which I will edit when my health allows me to!

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If you’re reading this, you’re a human, so mazel tov on surviving in this world.

My name is Dan Fishback, and I do a lot. As a playwright, I make ambitious, politically-charged theater that spans centuries of history, full of absurd, bombastic production numbers and serious explorations of trauma and revolution. As a songwriter -- both solo and with my band Cheese On Bread -- I write mousy, scrappy music that tends to the tinier, more intimate moments of our frantic lives. As an organizer, I founded and oversee The Helix Queer Performance Network -- a slate of programs that aim to foster healing in our communities by creating spiritually necessary artistic space, like our annual festival La MaMa’s Squirts, which brings together multiple generations of queer artists and audiences to foster understanding and revelation. And as a Jew, I am passionate about Palestinian liberation, and center solidarity in much of my work, like my musical “Rubble Rubble,” a reading of which was censored by the American Jewish Historical Society in 2017 over my support for Palestinian human rights. (We did the reading anyway.)

I’ve also had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome since 2009.

I know that seems ridiculous, considering what an active life I lead. But it’s true: for significant periods of time every month, I find it almost impossible to move my body, and I’m vulnerable to recurring infections that can knock me off my feet for days at a time. And yet those days are often followed by long stretches where I feel great, and function like an active, healthy person. A decade in, I’m still trying to understand how to manage this strange disease, for which there is no medical treatment.

I might have had an easier time sustaining my life as a chronically ill artist if I had made more conservative choices, but I’ve always insisted on having an independent voice, regardless of what seemed politically expedient or commercially viable in any given moment.

And so, to continue my work as an independent artist, and to continue surviving under capitalism with a chronic illness, I’m asking for your support and partnership.

Through this Patreon page, with enough monthly donations -- even small ones -- I’ll be able to continue making bold, dangerous, tender work and transformative cultural space, all without buckling under the riddle of how to survive with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in New York City. In the coming year, your monthly donation will support:

  • Further development of my play “Rubble Rubble.”
  • The production of my podcast, Sick Day, in which I invite to my apartment fascinating people who I never get to see (because I rarely leave my apartment).
  • The early development of a new play in progress, loosely based on stories by Sholem Aleichem.
  • My basic expenses while living with a chronic illness.

As a chronically ill person, it’s very easy to feel isolated, and so I’m excited about this Patreon, not just for the financial support, but so that I can have a more direct relationship with you, and bring you into my process on a more intimate level. That connection means a lot to me, and I’m hoping that our exchange feels extremely mutual. Thank you for your support, your presence, and your encouragement.


Coverage of my play “Rubble Rubble” in the New York Times:

The Village Voice review of my musical “The Material World”:

The Time Out New York review of my musical “The Material World”:

The Village Voice review of my play “You Will Experience Silence”:

My band Cheese On Bread’s latest album, “The One Who Wanted More”:

Cheese On Bread’s music video for “Bad Friend”:

Cheese On Bread’s music video for “All Your Sisters”:
$312.40 of $500 per month
I’ll be able to support the production of Sick Day and more significantly supplement my basic life expenses.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 17 exclusive posts

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