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is creating Transformative tales about women who led dangerous lives

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That's the relationship between me and my patrons. It motivates me to re-read, edit and constantly write new drafts based on your feedback.   

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I've lived on islands and on boats, most of my adult life. I make my living as a writer.

I’m a published author and a former reporter and podcast show host. I'm taking a new direction to write transformative tales about people who have led dangerous lives as some still do. The stories will be based on first-hand accounts.

My storytelling skills were honed by years of interviewing and writing about people as a newspaper columnist, a published author, and a weekly podcast show host on Overseas Radio Network.

The focus for my first story series How Wonder Woman Became a Smuggler is going to tell the tales of the ma and pa smugglers of the 1970s and '80s in the era of Reagan's War on Drugs.

So, we're talking about smuggling missions that started in places like Key West, Florida and expanded all across the country and internationally. The stories are steeped in the personalities of the characters. I capture the fun they had and their reflections on their lifestyles.

These stories are about those women and their families and lovers. For many, it was the best, most exciting time of their lives. It was never boring.

Why do I Need a Patron?
It takes about 30 hours of research, preparing for interviews, recording, and editing to distill a writing session into a story episode. And here’s the clincher: Just as interviewing requires empathy, writing requires reflection and privacy, a room of one’s own in both the physical and psychological sense.

If I’m going to get everything done, I’m going to need help with the business and marketing side of writing. If I try to do everything myself…well, eventually that’s going to take a toll on the quality and complexity of my writing. I don’t want that to happen, and I’m guessing if you’ve read this far that you understand.

So What do I Want?

Help from people who share my passion for true stories. Specifically, I want people to invest in my story writing so that I can be more productive. Here are the things I'd like to accomplish in the foreseeable future.
  • Assemble a team of creative artists to do what they do best. I’m a firm believer in not doing anything someone else can do better and more efficiently. I don’t want to hog the show, I want to launch the show.
  • Write a lot more raw content as treatments for novels, memoirs, and short stories for streaming providers.
  • Get short stories released as podcasts as a proof-of-concept strategy.
  • Buy me time for family. I want to WIN. We all want to WIN. To me, winning means spending quality time with those I love while following my destiny as a writer.
How Will Your Patronage Help?
With your patronage, I will be able to meet monthly writing expenses and pay creative artists to get this ship sailing. Your patronage will fuel my efforts and make a huge difference in my productivity.

Why $2,000/month to $4,000/month, specifically?
Bare minimum, an additional $2,000/month will go a long way to pay for publishing podcast treatments, a logical step towards the goal of showcasing the stories to streaming providers. At $4,000/month, I will have demonstrated that I have a sustainable and loyal audience necessary to warrant funding a pilot program.

How Can I Help?
Easy! Click one of the Patron TIERS to join the league of our Esteemed Patrons whose patronage make this project possible.
Choose an amount that fits your budget to receive the rewards detailed in the TIER section as our thank you. — even if you set your monthly max at $3, we will be stoked about it.

Please Contribute

Some of you have your own stories of intrigue. I’m looking for you. I’d like to write about how you got to that place in your life, how you survived, and how you moved on if you did. My stories will tell about some of the most exciting times in your life.

There are so many, many stories to tell, and I need your help to narrow the focus on the stories you want to read first. So, if you're a patron, I'll be asking you, getting feedback from you that will drive the story sequence. You will become part of the journey.

Together we will strike a vein, and then we will be off and running to the real goal….to develop a series of stories that can easily be transferred to on-demand streaming platforms.

I’m writing to attract the attention of producers and the media companies who have a ravenous appetite for original content. I don’t know who will recognize my original content as the raw material they need for their own creative treatments, but I can’t wait to find out.

Thank You For Your Support.

Here are a few chapter headings in Band of Ladies episodes. If anything grabs your interest, join me as a patron to be the first to preview excerpts of story episodes.
  • Key West Pie
  • Lost Overboard
  • Held Hostage
  • Kidnapped
  • Diary of a Lady Smuggler
  • Dark-side Boomerang
  • Daddy’s Home
  • If it’s not illegal, I’m not interested
  • One foot on the Scale of Justice
  • The Price of Protection
  • Show me The Money
  • Covering Your Bets
  • Timely Escapes
  • Captain Goes Belly up
  • Fight Like an Old Lady
  • The Grandma You Never Knew
  • Seven Million Dollar Man
  • Dragon Lady
  • Lady Boss
  • Baby Boss
  • The Trickster
  • The Cuban Bullet
  • A Paddle For Every Butt
  • Queenie
  • When Superman Turns Joker
  • 30 Days in Jail

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$500 a month.  It’s going to take about $6,000 in hosting, podcasting, and live stream creative channel membership fees each year. We can easily cover these operating expenses with the money we get from Patreon, rather than out of our own pockets …which will feel great! And it’s authentic proof that each story series has legs.
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