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is creating OpenWrt embedded Linux hackery

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my name is Daniel and I'm a traveling low-level programmer.
This is my github account
You can meet me in person, I'm currently in Leipzig, Germany.

Throughout the past decade I've been working on empowering users to operate autonomous computer network infrastructure by contributing packages as well as platform support for some Ralink/Mediatek WiSoCs and Oxford/PLXTECH NAS chips to OpenWrt. Initially I got into OpenWrt to improve software for community mesh networks like Freifunk or אריג and up to this day I'm actively contributing to the LibreMesh firmware project which is a joint global effort to provide a modular firmware OS for such communities.
My work ranges from improving FOSS licenced WiFi drivers and fixing things in the Linux kernel, adding board and SoC support in OpenWrt up to packaging GNUnet to run on those very small boxes.
The goal is to have a minimum software stack which can fit into a few megabytes of flash. It shall be 100% free open source software and reviewable within a human lifetime. Hence I put a lot of effort to get rid of blobs or proprietary software as well as building a minimal OS which doesn't contain all the bloat commonly found on todays Linux systems. While on the formal level this is about reducing the storage requirements (similar to demo-scene challenges of making 3D animation with only 64kb of RAM) on a  higher level this ensures that we only got what we really need and hence makes reviewing more likely and easy, and also make sure that modern software can run on old hardware, so we won't have to buy new stuff all the time.
In the past months I have been working on improving support for MT7620 chips in OpenWrt and build software for a solar-power monitoring and energy control system based on the WrtNode2R. And as usual I will also continue to improve and update many OpenWrt packages, carry patches to upstream projects, ...
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