Daniel Bauer is creating sensual Nude Art Photography

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$1 or more per month patrons
  • You are a most welcome sponsor! 
  • You get access to each one large size sample image of each and every photo set that is available for my “Motivation” and “Power”-patrons
  • You get access to my complete archive of tumblr posts (more than 1300 images) that were deleted when tumblr decided to ban nudes and "adult content".  All images, exactly as they were posted on tumblr, in chronological order from 2012 to 2018 are here for you to enjoy! 

  • Your comments are appreciated and you are welcome to influence the future of my projects
$10 or more per month patrons
  • Immediate access to sponsor only posts and full access to the hundreds of images of all previously published series of this level on Patreon

  • Plus: each month an up to date unpublished, full series of uncensored images of an individual model

  • Plus: free digital copy of my last book "The Barcelona Album" (artistic nudes)
$25 or more per month patrons
  • Full access to all of my uncensored images (except "Special") including erotic art photos that have never been published anywhere else

  • Plus: each month at least two up to date unplublished, full series of uncensored photos

  • Plus: 1 high-res Wallpaper posted every month

  • Plus: free digital copy of my wild, sexy and fun erotic session book "Yana and the bear"

  • All previous rewards
$35 or more per month patrons
  • Immediate full access to all contents of the previous levels

  • Plus: very explicit, open shots and close-up photos of models visibly excited

  • Plus: purely sexual photos including absolutely private images 

  • Plus: from time to time private short, sexual videos from my mobile phone, exclusively and only here on Patreon
$200 or more per month patrons
Impossible? In fact have never seen it on any Patreon page and I almost bet such an extremely generous patron does not exist.

But should I lose the bet, here's my wager:

  • All of the previous rewards, of course

  • Personal instant photo from the next new session - and image that only exists once, only for you

  • Plus - the right to contribute an item (for example piece of lingerie or something else) that will be used during the next session

  • Plus - being credited as the sponsor of the next session on all publications on tumblr, Patreon and, in case it happens, when published in a book. (you can stay anonymous, of course, if you prefer)

  • Plus - exclusively and only for steady angels patrons during 6 month - a complete nudes photo session (25+ edited photos) according to your wishes and ideas

  • Plus a short backstage video from that session as a special extra