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The Scoop:

Hi, I'm Daniel Belasco and welcome to my Patreon

Now, I bet you're asking yourself 
What is patreon and why should I care?
Well, Patreon is a new way to show your support for people who make regular content that you enjoy. Be it music, visual art, video games, blogs, plays, books, you name it! By supporting the creators that you love through patreon you make it possible for them to continue making the content you love.
Also through patreon you gain exclusive access to content available only to you, a supporter.

For instance, a musician, like myself will write and record songs, stream video of the writing and production process, show you the inner workings of lyric writing or arrangements, and various other things that are only shared with patreon subscribers.
So, basically you get a whole bunch of stuff that nobody else does. And we all know that is totally awesome!
Now, let's get on to who I am and what I have to offer.
As I already mentioned I am a musician, and my main musical project is a synthpop/synthwave act called Glass Apple Bonzai. I also have an old-school industrial EBM project called Razorback Hollow, and from time-to-time I release acoustic cover songs.
I also host a podcast called The Things That Dreams Are Made Of wherein I play songs that are influential to me complete with back story and other ramblings.
In addition, I have started creating recording, songwriting, and audio production tutorial videos, of which a bi-weekly episode will be available...you guessed, exclusively to patreon supporters.
But, music isn't my only avenue of creativity. I also have a life-long love of drawing and for the first time ever I will be making my visual art available exclusively to patreon subscribers.
Sense a theme?
Your monthly support will allow greater focus and commitment of my time to creating the content you already enjoy, and it will also grant me the freedom to grow and change as an artist and take you along for the ride.
Let's be real for a moment here. Like anyone else, I have bills that need to be paid. I have necessities of life that need to be bought. And I have corporate vultures circling overhead at all times just waiting for me to die so they can pick my pockets.
Ok, so maybe that last bit was a tad melodramatic. But the point is that with your help to alleviate some of life's financial stresses that opens my life up to be continually creative and keep producing art for you, and the rest of the world to enjoy, consume, obsess over, whatever!
In the simplest terms my goal is to continue making music, making visual art, making podcasts, videos, and any other creative expression I can for as long as possible.
Sure, that sounds like a dream, and...while it is, it is not an easy task. But it's definitely not a cop-out from real life. It IS real life. Music, and to a lesser extent, visual art, are what I do best. And it is also my business. It is my profession.
I work hard at it and I don't ever want to stop.
You can help me achieve that.
At this point allow me to direct your attention to the description of the various tier benefits and give you a heartfelt "Thank you" for you time.

27% complete
When I reach $250 per month, I will start working on a PATRON-ONLY full-length Glass Apple Bonzai album to be released at the end of 2020 (all things permitting)
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