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Greater Hooman
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Greater Hooman is the next level of evolution above the Homo-Sapien. As a Greater Hooman, you have a more impressive intellect and are genetically smarter than the typical human.

With the Thank You Page! benefit, you will be recognized on a special page at epicfailcomic.com/thankyou for your contribution.

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Master of Wombats
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Masters of Wombats are at the top of the Greater Hooman Hierarchy. They have learned how to harness the psychic powers of their race to control the feeding patterns of Wombats. It's quite... amazing. You can make wombats go in circles, different circles or even straight lines! (For some reason this power strikes fear into the other Greater Hoomans. We're still trying to figure out why.)

When you become a Master of Wombats, I will bow to your superior power of mind and give you a major recognition on epicfailcomic.com/thankyou for all that you have done, as well as your name appearing in the description of the Culture Critic videos.

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People think Dinosaurs died out because of a meteor or flood, but the true reason why they dissipated is because they were simply too awesome for the world to contain them. You are a Dino-Man, which means you have inherited this earth shattering awesomeness from the Dinosaurs. Let's hear a ROAR!

As a Dino-Man, you have proven your great worth to myself and the world, it is for this that you are awarded the Great Feature! benefit. This means that you will be a top-featured person on epicfailcomic.com/thankyou so that everyone will see your overwhelming epicness, and your name will appear in the endscreen of the Culture Critic videos.

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About Daniel Brazell

Hello, I am Daniel Brazell. Several years ago I began a simple web comic called Epic Fail. Now, not only am I making a web comic, but I am also hosting a custom T-Shirt design shop called Daniel Brazell Graphics and a YouTube channel called The Culture Critic.

I plan to branch out and create more things, whether that be writing stories, other comics,  etc. as I have the time and the resources over the ensuing years. Thank you for visiting my page!
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When I reach $600 a month, (and my other life plans don't go awry) I will begin creating full time. This will mean that I will produce more graphics as well as possibly posting Epic Fail more.
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