Daniel Deitrich is creating Songs, Videos, Podcast

Gas Station Coffee Level

$2 /mo
For the price of a cup of old, burned, gas station coffee...

You are funding the creation of art that will eventually be released into the world. You're awesome.



Pour Over Coffee Level

$5 /mo
For the price of a cup of fair-trade, hipster pour-over coffee...

You are a person of refined taste and class. You are funding, in a most substantial way, the creation of art that wi...


Whole Bean Level

$10 /mo
You like your coffee whole-bean and your music independent. I respect that.

Access to everything, if you submit a podcast interview question it will definitely be asked*, PLUS, you'r...


Five-Pound Level

$50 /mo
You could be spending your hard-earned money on unnecessarily large bags of coffee, but you're choosing to help me bring music and goodness to the world. I see you.

Not that you're i...