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Dear friends of Christ,

We are His friends because He has made His will known to us and we treasure walking with Him wherever He leads. Together in faith, we can move mountains so please partner with me to create more Christian reggae and like the avid angler, cast a resonant net of truth into a dissonant sea of error.

As you know, or suspect, creating quality music with accompanying videos require a lot of resources, and finance. Notwithstanding, my plan is to release at least one song every month with an accompanying live video. Your donations will help to make this possible and will lead to collaborations with other local artists and musicians.

Thank God I have a number of musicians and engineers/programmers who believe in what I am doing enough to help me accomplish the mission. Your partnership will be of great assistance no matter how small and will no doubt encourage others to join the team.

(For one time donations, please donate via https://www.paypal.me/HartleyP since one-time donations are not possible with Patreon.)
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