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While in my last months at the university , I'm involved in two big projects. Since I was a kid I love to tell stories, later, with university studies, I've become curious about the world of documentaries. I also feel that if each one of us do what we really want to do and we use it for the common good, we will start to see a different world. But my projects are a better presentation of all this:

—UPTOLD: This is my main project. Uptold was an idea that I had two years ago and that has been finally launched in the middle of May. I've been working hard for the last two months, designing the blogs, thinking of a domain name that was not taken (this was the hardest part); creating the presentation cards, logos, viral images, main pictures, etc. But what is Uptold about? As a journalist I noticed that the majority of the media companies are busy informing about the same things: economy, laws, tragic events and all the topics that are well known to everyone. But they don't cover the human stories that are all over the world. 

Uptold is about that, telling human stories about people from all over the world, that may inspire you, make you laugh,  cry, move you... ultimately realize that we have more in common with the rest of the people than we thought. It has two versions, one in English: www.uptold.org and one in Spanish: www.uptold.es and it has four main categories: feelings, moments, amazing stories and love without borders. I'll try to write, at least, two new stories every week.
I search for the stories, interview people, write the stories, manage Twitter and Facebook accounts, create more viral images and all what it takes. I also translate everything into English with the help of my partner.

—LUNA ON THE ROAD: This summer me, my girlfriend and our dog (a sweet staffy) will be traveling mostly hitchhiking from south of Spain (where we live) until Tallin (Estonia) and back. We'll be filming the whole trip from Luna's perspective. Once we are back home, I will start editing the videos to create a documentary narrated through Luna's eyes. Yes, she would be the big star. Why? Because she's the most lovely dog you could find. Her breed is accused of being one of the most dangerous ones while in reality they are the most lovely, obedient and friendly dogs ever. The main point of the documentary will be to show the world how these dogs really are and how they don't see enemies in us, they just see humans they want to love. You can follow the updates in the site we're creating: www.lunaontheroad.com
During the trip we'll try also to pick up stories for Uptold.

We're planning to do all this no matter what. We feel that we can contribute to making the world a little better through these two projects. With enough patrons, it would be much easier to carry out the projects and the result would be more professional.

—POEMS AND SHORT STORIES: I publish my poems and some of my short stories (as well as other articles about several topics)  in my personal blog: www.danielubillus.com Although it is in Spanish, I've been thinking about creating an English version, but at the moment it's a good way to improve your Spanish :)
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If I reach that amount per month, I will be able to continue with both projects part time. Once the documentary is done (I estimate December/January), I'll have more time for Uptold.
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